Sameeksha has a lovely way of teaching kids as young as 3 how to dance and how to love and enjoy dance. She’s also a wonderful teacher to adults who want to learn how to express emotion thru dance.

~Parinda Gandhi (Student & Parent)

Amazing dance platform to bring out kids talent. Sameeksha is just an AWESOME teacher with love & passion for dance!

~ Jabeen Sultana (Student & Parent)

Sameeksha, you are amazing! From the very first day of the class you made Vihan very comfortable. I was not sure about his ability but you brought best out of him . Hats off to you. Thank you for giving Vihan’s best first performance . Looking forward to many more 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻❤️❤️❤️

~Misha Trivedi (Parent)

Kids love Sameeksha, her way of teaching dance is totally different. My 4 year daughter always ask when is my dance class…. She always say I don’t want to go to any school but only dance school.
I am glad I found her on Facebook and registered my daughter in BollyMedley.

~Megha Dwivedi (Parent)

Sameeksha is an amazing teacher. I always wonder how energetic she is!! Very patient with kids. Very creative and helpful .In one sentence, She is my kids favorite teacher. Thx

~Beena Chava (Parent)

I am very glad I enrolled my kiddo at BollyMedley. The classes are a fun way to get her some exercise, intro to dancing & stage performances plus it’s lovely to hear her hum some hindi songs now
Sameeksha is a wonderful teacher; knowing dancing is one skill but being able to teach it to kids is another. And I found that she is so good at both! Way to go BollyMedley!!

~Richa Saxena (Parent)

My daughter loves to dance …… And I found a fantastic , skillful ,talented teacher in bolly medly. Sameeksha is a wonderful person .. As personal and professional ….

~Pavana Jayandra (Parent)

I love BollyMedley … I am soooooooo happy to have you as my teacher Sameeksha Aunty !!!

~Ahana (Student)

I am glad I found Sameeksha. My 6 yr old is loving it and I am planning to enroll my second one once she is 3. Sameeksha is very patient with kids and has innovative ways to teach dance steps to little ones. She makes it fun for the kids and never creates pressure, which is what I wanted!

~Payal Parikh (Parent)

Sameeksha is an excellent dancer; a superb teacher and connects wonderfully with her students.
She exhibits patience, sensitivity, professionalism and flexibility towards her students, which makes the class effective and a great success.
My daughter is very talented with very high standards. After going through a series of dance classes/schools she has finally settled on Sameeksha’s Bollymedley class and wants to stay with it.
I am very happy she found Sameeksha and they connected.
Great job Sameeksha!
We are like a big happy family there.

~Sheila Ranganathan (Parent)