In this extremely difficult time for the community due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all classes will be conducted online in an effort to stay connected!

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Introduction to simple dance movements, expressions and rhythm coordination while building a creative and confident personality, our students learn how to put steps together to music to form a routine and how to use your whole body to express dance.
With lots of smiles and giggles we learn, practice and work on boosting the physical and mental stamina to exercise both the body and mind towards achieving self confidence and excellence at each and every class as well as our stage performances.

Bollywood Kids 3 – 6 Yr:

Students are introduced to simple steps and rhythmic movements in the form of a story to make it easy and interesting for them to follow. It is pretty amazing to see how such little kids can remember all the dance steps to the performances by the end of the session! Register now!

Bollywood Juniors 7 – 12 Yr:

This class offers a wide range from basic to intermediate level of steps with a greater emphasis on the performance aspect of the dance. Students are introduced to choreographed formations and movements while working on memorizing intricate steps and expressions as an important part of Bollywood dance performance. Register now!

Bollywood Seniors 10 – 16 Yr:

Engaging the dancers in challenging combinations of steps & formations in fusion style Bollywood medleys, this class is focused on improving their performance skills and execution abilities. Dancers get a chance to learn various styles of dance forms like Bhangra, Garba, Dandiya, Semi-classical, Contemporary and hip-hop Bollywood. Register now!

 Bollywood Creative Team:

Having mastered the basic & intermediate levels, the students can be placed in the Advanced Creative Team upon teacher’s evaluation & approval. In this class, their talent of dance will be groomed in a formulated manner to cultivate their own imagery. They will be assigned projects to choreograph steps and formations on selected Bollywood song medleys which they will later get chance to teach to junior student groups. Teaching helps enhance clarity of thought, improve communication skills and vocalize one’s thoughts and ideas, hence an important part of learning itself! Register now!

Ladies Bollywood Indian/ Folk:

Bollywood, Folk, Fusion – A holistic and exciting way to explore the elements of Indian dance with emphasis on graceful hand movements, foot work and expressions. Extracting snippets from the treasures of Classical & Folk dances of India to create a perfect combination of tradition & heritage, this class brings out the best in our experienced adult dancers! The idea is to let movement come from deep within, allowing it to emanate outwards, learn to overcome challenges and keep working hard on it until excellence! Register now!

Ladies Bollywood Upbeat/ Hip-Hop:

Surround yourself with positivity, happiness and passion while enjoying a high energy upbeat Bollywood Dance class! This class is a perfect getaway for a great workout and fun with dance buddies while exploring freestyle techniques to easy steps and detailed formations on popular Bollywood songs! With no prior experience required to join, the Ladies Bollywood class gradually trains you towards becoming a beautiful, elegant and passionate dancer! Register now!


Bharatanatyam, an Indian Classical Dance form is the perfect way to pursue one’s love and passion for dance. Students begin by learning basic Mudras (or hand gestures) and Adavus (or steps). They gradually learn facial expressions with eye, head and neck movements and advance towards integrating the dance as a whole. As we must keep evolving, our classes are designed to blend the traditional dance form with modern music, breaking all boundaries to open windows of creative fusion! Register now!

Class locations: Sammamish & Redmond

Tuesdays: Boys & Girls Club 825 228th Ave NE, Sammamish WA

Wednesdays: DanceWorks Studio, 16641 Redmond Way, Redmond WA

Fridays & Saturdays: GlassHouse Studio 3310 East Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE, Sammamish WA


2019-20 Class Schedule